Where's the path
Where's the path ..
Try this useful mapping site ..

This useful mapping tool shows an ordnance survey map, complete with all the detailed footpath information which is lacking from Google and many other maps. To the right of the Ordnance survey map is a Google satellite map of the same area. You can draw on the map using the tools to show a route. Distances can be read off.

example map

There is a choice of other maps instead of the satellite map and Wikipedia entries for the area can be read.
Clicking the Panoramo icon gives you beautiful pictures of the area. Click on these to get a full size image

To lock the location and get its grid reference click the padlock icon then click the precise part on either map. Copy the grid reference from the box and unlock the map by clicking the padlock again.
To create a route, select the route icon, then click along your chosen path, placing nodes on the map at each click. Drag or delete nodes with the cross arrows icon. Switch between miles and kilometres, or add gradient and time information by double-clicking the Route text box.

Route example

Saving as a jpeg

With your map fully visible on the screen, press "print screen" ( usually top right of the keyboard).
Go programs>accessories>paint
Press ctrl-V to paste the page.
Use the crop tool to select the area of the map you require. Right click inside the selected area and click on copy.
Open a new canvas using file>new.
Paste your map on this page. Now save the page as a jpeg. You can crop the blank areas off using your usual photo editing software such as photofiltre.