Walkie Talkies ...

Once the preserve of business users and large organisations, two-way radio communication equipment has fallen in price and at the same time increased in quality and practicality.

With the advent of the PMR446 Europe-wide license free standard for hand-portable two-way radios, anyone, individual or business, can make use of affordable and useful walkie-talkie radios.

Channels and Range

It is an 8 channel, two way radio system that anyone can use. Apart from the initial purchase price there are no running costs at all - no license, no monthly charges, nothing to pay at all!
The units are very compact and light, they will easily fit into your pocket.
As they operate on UHF FM, they have very clear audio reception.
Range is up to two miles in open land.

Perfect for many uses

PMR 446 two way radios are perfect for many uses: schools, warehouses, hotels, sports centres, large shops, building and site security, bars and clubs,camping, leisure use, shopping, farming, nurseries, garden centres, car to car, motorcycles, cycles, roadwork control, car parking, event organisation, paint-ball, ski trips, boating, sailing, horse riding, scouting, walking, hiking and shopping.

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